Miedo y La Luz (Fear and the Light) horror game

About the game:

Miedo y La Luz (Fear and the Light) is a small, free “choose your own adventure” style text-based horror game, grounded in some of the cultures and languages of Borikén (Puerto Rico) and diasporicans, and centering femininity and queer/trans* people of color characters. Though the game’s primary language is English, it blends Spanish and Taíno language use throughout.

The game features slow-building psychological and survival horror, mixed with magical realism, dark fantasy, RPG dynamics, and socially-conscious science fiction. Created by and for QPoC. Written by quequieresmrmorden.

Meet the main characters:


Art (above) by knittedlampshade


Art (above) by escl-ert


Vela, they/them/their (ell@) pronouns. A queer Indigenous Taíno person who wakes up to a world of distortions and nightmares and has to fight their way through it, gaining information along the way.


Luz, she/her/hers (ella) pronouns. A queer Black and Indigenous Taíno woman who learns to manipulate the rules of the new horrific universe, and starts to suspect there’s more behind the scenes than meets the eye.

The plan:

I’m making a prologue/introductory game for Miedo y La Luz with money out of my own pocket. I’ll release that online to play for free. After the game release, I might begin a fundraising campaign to commission illustration art, and maybe even some other boricua QPoC writers on staff. I don’t personally want to make money off this, but I want the other QPoC putting in their energies to get paid for their time and efforts.

For now, I’m not requesting any monetary donations. Not until there’s already a playable game and a more concrete plan for future costs.

However, you’re welcome to ask or submit questions, comments, critiques, art, horror things that scare you, and anything else you want!

Signup list:

If you want to, you can fill out this form to get an announcement when the game is released.

There are options on the form for expressing interest in beta testing or helping with the game, too! (But all those sections are optional. Any info you give will be kept private— no spam, mass emails, or sharing of your info anywhere, etc.)

Once again, here’s the form if you’re interested.

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